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George II Silver

Please email me with the reference number of the piece required and I will confirm availability , and give you my Iban and Swift codes for bank wire transfer or my mailing address for an English cheque in sterling.

Early George II silver “duck egg” shaped punch lade London in 1730


Rare provincial good quality George II silver racing tankard Newcastle 1759 James Kirkup


Super pair crested George II silver salvers London 1735 Francis Pages Middle Temple


Superb George II silver coffee pot C1750 Thomas Gilpin


Quality pair crested George II silver tea caddies London1729 Grundy Roode


Superb pair George II silver sauce or gravy boats London 1745 George Wickes


Nice quality armorial George II silver covered sugar bowl London 1747 Phillips Garden


Heavy George II silver marrow scoop London 1736 Starling Wilford


Very good quality George II silver porringer London 1749 Humphrey Payne


Fine George II silver mug London 1729 John Eckfourde


Good pair George II hexagonal taper sticks London 1765 Coker


Good George II silver sparrow beak jug London 1730 by John Swift


Good quality armorial George II silver coffee pot London 1737 Charles Martin


Good George II silver lidded tankard London 1737 Thomas Whipham


Quality pair crested early George II silver castors London 1730 Peze Pilleau


George II silver & blonde tortoiseshell magnifying glass C1750


Good quality George II silver bullet teapot London 1735 John Eckfourde


Good substantial George II silver hash spoon London 1755 Marmaduke Daintry


Superb quality crested George II silver pint mug London 1744 Gurney & Cook


This George I/II silver kitchen pepper London 1727 James Goodwin


Superb pair armorial George II silver sauce/gravy boats by master silversmith Peter Archambo


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